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Port Call / Official Travel and Transportation Motor Pool (TMP)
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Transportation Division's Mission

The Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) Transportation Division provides transportation services to the Fort Belvoir Garrison, Military District of Washington (MDW), and other Department of Defense (DoD) activities throughout the National Capital Region (NCR) and beyond.  We provide overall transportation management services including personal official travel, freight movement, and the management of a medium size fleet of General Services Administration (GSA) vehicles.

Transportation Motor Pool (TMP)

Mandatory 30-day suspension without pay for violations.

To request the use of a GSA vehicle, the operator / agency must submit a request to the TMP identifying the vehicle required, duration of need, and a brief description of the mission.  There are several rules each agency and operator must follow to ensure they do not incur a liability to the government as follows:
  • Operators must be in possession of a valid military driver's license (if applicable), State issued Civilian Drivers' License and CAC.
  • GSA vehicles may not be utilized outside of a 100-mile radius from the TMP.  An Exception to Policy memorandum for record (MFR) may be submitted (blanket exceptions will not be granted).  The exception to policy MFR must specify why a GSA vehicle is the only vehicle which can be used for the specified mission.  A Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet (DRAW) DD Form 2977 must accompany the exception to policy MFR.
  • GSA vehicles may not be used for TDY.
  • There is no smoking in a GSA vehicle.
  • Damages must be reported to the Dispatcher / Operations Manager within 24 hours of the incident which caused the damage, A detailed accident report (SF91) must be prepared by the operator for use as an exhibit on a Financial Liability Investigation if required.
  • Operators are responsible to conduct a Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) inspection prior to operating the vehicle.  Discrepancies should be reported to the Dispatcher.


Port Call / Official Travel
The Port Call Section processes Port Calls for Military Members and their dependents moving to an overseas location.


The Freight Section provides transportation services for shipping government freight worldwide.
Services are also provided for unit or group moves, obtaining convoy clearances, special hauling permits and support of regional contingency deployments.

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